Who said that cleaning a room isn’t fun?


Messy Room is a fun educational game with the objective of teaching an stimulating children to clean their room. On the other hand, it helps children to develop a sense of discernment and organization.


iconeWe have two versions of the game, for boys and girls. The decoration colours and items are according the sex of the children. The items are, socks, shorts, t-shirts, shoes and school supplies like pencils, books, scissors, glue, and many toys. Coins are placed in a safe box.

The game is very simple, the child have to press the object and drag to the right place, but the Game doesn’t allow the object to be kept in the wrong place. All the objects have to be kept in the correct place.

The child doesn’t have a time period to accomplish each task, we believe that the children should do the tasks in their own time. The child never loses, it is only necessary to clean the room independently of time. There is no levels of difficult and the items are randomly placed.

Translation: Claudia Eche



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Game: Messy Room